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Купи себе здоровый сон - Матрас на заказ Киев
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Delivery of the mattressДоставка матраса в Киеве

Mattress Express delivery is made within the city of Kiev every day from 10.00 to 21.00. Shipping a mattress on the region agreed on separately. Shipping mattresses to other cities by using courier service, or MistEkspress EvroEkspress.

Orders over $ 3000 hryvnia is delivered free of charge. At the auction the goods delivered more than 3000 USD 50 USD.

When the amount of the order of less than 3,000 hryvnia shipping fee is 120 hryvnia.

The cost of shipping a mattress in Kiev:

- Under the right side of the front door - 120 UAH;
- Left Bank at the front door - 140 UAH.

Skid mattress in an apartment in the presence of a freight elevator 20 UAH.

The rise of the mattress on the floor:

- Twin mattresses (from 80 to 120 * 200 * 200) - 10 UAH floor;
- Double mattress (from 140 to 180 * 200 * 200) - 20 UAH per floor.


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