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Proper use of orthopedic mattresses

Proper use of mattresses.     Proper use oprtgopedic mattress begins with a mattress purchase. First of all, during the period of use should flip your mattress every three months. This will evenly distribute the load on the springs in the mattress. All flip performed by alternating turns of the head / feet and turns to the other side. To easily perform these manipulations, many manufacturers equip mattresses handles. BUT, these pens are not designed to carry a mattress.

     It is also necessary to understand that the mattress - it is a piece of furniture on which lie and sit, so it is not intended to strong vertical loads, such as jumping or walking. Such pressures can significantly shorten the life of your mattress.

     Mattress not fold, stretch, bend. For most long-term use is recommended to use a mattresscase and mattress covers podmatrasniki (where the mattress lies on the lamellae). In the case of surface contamination should dry surface cleaning. When selecting a cleaning agent, carefully read the instructions on its use. Do not remove the label on the mattress.

     An important point that should be considered when choosing a mattress and its further exploitation, is the construction of the base. Typically, it runs as an orthopedic base (frame) and a grid of transverse lamellae (curved sandwich plates made of wood) to frame (wood or metal), rarely used rigid structures, such as panels of plywood. Frame grid, and orthopedic foundation for mattress

Orthopedic foundation for mattress

     Orthopedic foundation serves to maintain the mattress and the fullest realization of its orthopedic properties. It is important to remember that the orthopedic effect of the mattress is fully manifested only in the orthopedic basis. Orthopedic foundation in conjunction with a mattress, operates as a single system to ensure a comfortable sleep and rest.

     It should also take into account the fact that the operation of the mattress with a foundation for independent springs is necessary that the distance between the slats were not too large. This will significantly increase the life of the mattress.

     Compliance with these recommendations will extend the life of your mattress!

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