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Warranty orthopedic mattresses

Warranty on products factory "Vika" (orthopedic mattresses)

Warranty period of operation of orthopedic mattresses - 18 months.


     - Fillings Mattress - 5 years
     - Spring units for mattresses - 20 years.
     For the production of orthopedic mattresses, we use high quality components. In case of defects to be eliminated under warranty, the buyer should contact the store where you purchased the product. Upon presentation of the claims you should have a trade or cash checks store proof of purchase of goods. For warranty repaired or replaced only part of the mattress, in which the defect. If the entire orthopedic mattress was found to be defective, it must be exchanged. The cost of transporting orthopedic mattress or foundation with not compensated.

  The warranty covers:

1. Springs or wire, which has weakened, cracked, or went outside and at the same time passed through the surface materials of the mattress.

2. Depressions in an orthopedic mattress, if under the mattress used qualitative basis. Troughs are deepening on the surface of the mattress at least 4 cm on each side of the mattress. Slight deepening of the body shape is not considered a defect and is the norm in the application of orthopedic mattress.

  Guarantee does not apply to:

1. The cover orthopedic mattress, such as: paint stains, grease, blood, hardened holes, cuts, propaliny.

2. Damage and deformation caused by bending orthopedic mattress with his carry or transport.

3. Pens orthopedic mattress, which should be used to turn the mattress, and not to move or transfer mattress.

4. The structural deformation resulting from the use of poor-quality basis for an orthopedic mattress.

5. The height of the orthopedic mattress. Factory "Wick" guarantees the availability and quality of fillers, referred to in the specifications of the mattress. Height orthopedic mattresses can vary in narrow limits (up to 10 mm) may be due to a tolerance of the used materials and manufacturing technologies.

6. Dents from the body depth of less than 4cm.

7. Orthopedic mattress unsanitary, change or damage that resulted from the use of the mattress is not for its intended purpose.

8. The transportation costs for an orthopedic mattress.

9. Mattresses with expired warranty period and without the presence of the date of sale.

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