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How sweet to sleep on a mattress. Tips.

You often do not sleep?
     You often do not sleep? Several times during the night wake up? If this problem occurs, you should understand why this is happening. First you must draw your attention to your mattress. Maybe your mattress is too old and he can no longer serve you as he served before, ie provide the necessary support for your body and elasticity. This means it is time to replace your orthopedic mattress.

      We should also note that the quality of your sleep can affect other circumstances.

Here are a few tips, guided by that your sleep will be like a baby:

• Dimmed light or its absence. 

• The bedroom should be quiet as possible. 

• Temperatures from 16 to 20 degrees Celsius in the bedroom is ideal for sleeping. 

• Have a bedtime cup of hot tea or milk.

... and your 
sleep will be sweet!• Avoid stimulants before bedtime different: chocolate, coffee, alcohol, and t.d.I l 

• Try to always go to bed and get up at the same time. Let this be your habit.

• Exercise and recreation: leave the gym and jogging for the daytime, not for the evening. But the 20-minute walk after dinner will guarantee a deep sleep.

• Reserve your bedroom for rest and sleep. Work in the bedroom - a taboo, a bedroom should be designed primarily for recreation.


... And your dream sweet will be!

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