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How to choose orthopedic mattress.

      How to choose an orthopedic mattress? The mattress needs to night your spine can relax. And in the morning to wake up refreshed and without pain in my back and in good spirits spend the whole day. Here are some tips that may help you in choosing the mattress:

How to choose an orthopedic 
mattress? a) You must pick up the mattress of their weight.

- Fat people should look to the hard mattress.
- Thin people better to pick a soft mattress.
- People are average physique you can use any model of mattresses, depending on their preferences.
- For a child to choose a hard mattress.
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- The teenager fit mattresses tough and elastic.
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- Elderly people should stop their view on mattresses soft or medium hardness.

b) Once you determine what mattress is best suited for your weight class, you need to pick the right set (filling mattress).

     If you have chosen a hard mattress, then it must be a coconut. If your weight exceeds 120kg. You'd better pick up springless mattress or mattress with reinforced spring block. This mattress can be ordered directly from the manager on the phone.

     If you have chosen a soft mattress, it is desirable that he would have consisted of a latex. You can also take the mattress with independent springs are softer.

     Medium hard mattress combines a small amount of coconut and other fillers, as well as a Bonnel spring unit.

  c) Next you should choose the size of your mattress. 

The length of the mattress must not be less than your growth plus a minimum of 10-15 cm
Mattress width depends on how many people will sleep on a mattress, as well as on your personal preferences. 

Standard size orthopedic mattresses

Single mattresses (size, cm):                  sesquialteral mattresses (size, cm):               Double mattresses (size, cm):

    80*200 / 80*190                                             120*200 / 120*190                                     160*200 / 160*190    

90*200 / 90*190                                             140*200 / 140*190                                     180*200 / 180*190

Baby mattresses (size, cm):



      And as you can make any custom size mattress on request. 

d) And the last tip. Look for comfort. Pick what suits you personally. The correct mattress - it is your good night's sleep. A good night's sleep - it is your health.

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