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Which mattress is better to choose for your child?

   A child on a mattress  

     For babies and little children is very important that the mattress was a natural and environmentally friendly. The task of a child's body - the formation of spine. Up to 10 years, the skeleton is in a stage of active growth. Typically, children pick up a hard mattress springless Coir. Hard springless mattress supports the spine in a level position that would ensure the correct formation of posture. Thanks to the hard mattress in a child properly will be the formation of the spine. And as coconut mattress is a natural, clean, and breathable, ie, "breathes". The thickness of the mattress baby springless 6 cm standard adult size mattress 60 * 70 * 120 and 140. Also here you can order any custom size mattress on the order. Mattress for teens to be resilient


     For a teenager can buy a hard springless mattress from coconut or combined springless mattress from coconut and latex. Height springless mattress for a teenager may be 13 - 16 cm Just teenager fit mattresses Efecta winter / summer in the spring unit, which will be present Coir.

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