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When you need to buy a new orthopedic mattress?

          When will still need to buy a new mattress? Of course, every mattress has a shelf life, but beyond that a lot depends on how you exploited and caring for your mattress. If you followed all the rules for the care and maintenance of orthopedic mattress, it will serve you longer than its expiration date. However, it still ever the time comes, and orthopedic mattress to be replaced. What are the indications that you have time to replace your mattress?

      It is necessary to buy a new mattress. Without variants Signs of that it is time to change a mattress:

♦ your mattress has more than 5 years.

♦ you feel springs when sit or lie on a mattress.

♦ you or your partner roll down on the party of another when lie together on a mattress.

♦ you hear a scratch of the spring block in a mattress.

♦ There were "dents" on a mattress.

♦ Edges of a mattress do not hold the form, the mattress settles.

♦ On all mattress there were hillocks.

♦ your mattress has lost appearance, has worn out, attritions are visible.

We also recommend to change the mattress if:

♦ you feel in the morning a pain in a body, weariness, do not get enough sleep.

♦ to you it is better slept on mattresses on a visit, than at home.

♦ your body grows dumb, when you sleep on one side or on a stomach.

     Expensive Client! If you некомфортно on your old mattress nevertheless have to look narrowly at a new orthopedic mattress which will meet your requirements, прогарантирует qualitative rest and a healthy dream!


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