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Mattresses wholesale.


Матрасы оптом

     Over the shoulders of our store mattresses considerable experience in working with wholesale orders of mattresses: it's hotels and resorts, cottage villages as well as online furniture stores. We are ready to work even with the most demanding customers.

     Our store mattresses ready to offer the most convenient conditions for wholesale buyers of orthopedic mattresses. Our consultant will help determine the models of mattresses, mattress prices and terms of manufacturing and supply of mattresses.

     For wholesale buyers of mattresses, we offer wholesale prices for mattresses and flexible system of discounts. It is also possible mattress delivery to Ukraine.

Order a mattress wholesale, you can call - (063) 80-20-839 or (044) 33-22-871

 High quality materials and modern technology ensures reliability and durability of our products, which fully complies with the sanitary requirements of current legislation of Ukraine (Visnovok derzhavnoї sanіtarno-epіdemіologіchnoї Expertise № 05.03.02-04/76016 vіd 25.11.2008r.). And our prices will only confirm the correctness of your choice!

Your benefits of working with us:

- Reliability.

The company "Vika" is more than 5 years has not received any complaints. We guarantee that our mattresses will serve not only the warranty period, but much longer. We have already taken care of your nerves.

- You always have a choice.

Thanks to an impressive lineup of products (more than 40 models of mattresses and 80 items of furniture) and own production facilities we can offer you the most affordable solutions mattresses and upholstered furniture.

- You can meet all your needs of its customers.

The company "Vika" gives you the opportunity to order custom mattress types and sizes (round mattresses, mattresses irregular shape).

- You do not have to wait ... at all!

Thanks to the warehouse program, you can be assured that you require a mattress, or already have in stock or will be made within a few days. With us you not only save money but also time.

- Warranty.

In all our manufactured products are warranted and, if necessary, after-sales service.

Favorable conditions for cooperation:

1. We provide products for the realization of-purchase (negotiated terms).

2. Warehouse program - the standard size mattresses popular models are constantly replenished stock.

3. Lead times for custom sizes mattresses and mattresses that are not available - up to 7 days.

4. Delivery of goods to a warehouse in Kiev weekly (on Wednesdays).

4. Lead times on furniture - 2-3 weeks, in extreme cases - one week.

6. When ordering a custom size mattresses - prepay 40% of the cost of the mattress.

7. When ordering a standard size mattress - the payment for shipping.

8. Catalogues and brochures of products - for free.

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