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Myths and truth about the mattresses.

     a) There is an orthopedic mattress and a mattress common.

Myth. The exact division between orthopedic mattress and the mattress is not normal. No specific rules on mattresses, no house, nor to certain criteria that would separate mattresses. Orthopedic mattress called the mattress, which allows the spine to remain human in the right (forward) position during the rest time. The effect of the correct position is achieved in different ways, and different manufacturers to explain why their products are orthopedic. By itself, an orthopedic mattress can not be called. View orthopedic, ie correct positioning of the spine characterized by not any - that a particular mattress, and for a set of people + mattress. Orthopedic mattress is at the correct selection based on weight, age and physiological characteristics of man. Considering all these factors, the model shows an orthopedic mattress. So, properly chosen mattress under your physiological features - it is, prevention of patient spine, bones and joints. This is your healthy sleep.

     b) The mattress should be selected depending on age.

True. Indeed mattress should be selected according to age. Because in each age category are different and need different needs. Therefore, for all ages we need a mattress.
  For example, children and adolescents are suitable rigid springless mattresses. Since they formed the spine. More detailed information can be found here: What is better to choose a mattress for your child?
 People mean age fit mattresses hardness (soft, medium hard, hard); without springs. Ie You are looking for a comfort. And picks up a mattress on their preferences and desires. Well, old people fit mattresses, soft and medium hardness, depending on your health.

     a) You must sleep on hard mattresses, and soft is more convenient.

Myth. This is wrong. Each stiffness is good in its own way. And for everyone is the same hardness may be different. On each of the mattress of different hardness can sleep. Each of them is convenient and useful. Home to the choice of the rigidity of the mattress should be approached individually. Given: weight, age, probably, any back pain or spine, as well as the wishes of every person. More detailed information can be found here: How to choose a mattress: soft, medium-soft or hard?

     d) For people with more weight needs a special mattress.

True. Yes, indeed for a person with more weight must purchase a special mattress. This mattress will be properly sag under its weight, not fall through. That will keep the body and spine in the correct position and not be worse in a month. For such people the best fit mattresses with reinforced spring block and using coconut coir. And as you can buy hard springless mattress.

     d) The mattress springs are not dependent on creating a comfortable support, as the spring pressure and disturb blood circulation.

Myth. Any reliance puts pressure (physics). The main thing for a man who lies on a mattress that would not let the pressure of physiological processes in the body. Therefore, rather than repeats the shape of the mattress body, the larger the surface of the mattress will be distributed by weight of the person.

      e) The need to flip the mattress.

True. The mattress should turn to what would be longer maintain the quality of your mattress, as well as what he would have served longer than you.
     g) The more springs in the mattress, the better.

Myth. Indeed greater number of springs allows orthopedic mattress more precisely "adjusted to" anatomy of a reclining man, this is their property is equalized by adding filler in the mattress. Tests have shown that using more internal layers of thick filler in 3-4cm. further increase in the number of springs is not necessary.

      r) fillings in the mattress should be taped.

True. Manufacturers of high quality mattresses necessarily glues their mattresses. And for the bonding of orthopedic mattresses they use is permitted sertsifitsirovany, tested and hygienically clean special glue for mattresses. Those manufacturers who want to save on creating glues evrokarkasa not their mattresses. Since it is not cheap. They replace evrokarkas on the frame. But, unfortunately, the frame construction will last less than evrokarkas as cover and interior of the mattress neprokleennye fray, and indeed the time frame will sag when to get into one and then, the same place all the time. And, unfortunately, in the place where the sag, the frame on the mattress is formed hole.

     i) Natural fillers mattress - an ideal environment for dust mites.

Myth. Many people believe that dust mites feed on natural fillers mattress. But it is not so, they feed on desquamated skin flakes. Unfortunately, dust mites are irritants allergens. It is therefore important to establish a nutria mattress discomfort environment for dust mites. That is to lower the humidity mattress. Humidity in an orthopedic mattress significantly reduced with the help of ventilation in the mattress. Ventilation in the mattress create aerators. More detailed information can be found here (article on fillers).

     a) Cover the mattress is better detachable.

True. In the first place is better for most buyers. Why? Because only a removable cover allows the buyer (at least partially) to verify the composition of the mattress, which he ordered. In the non-removable covers no such possibility, and thus make sure that you have ordered, too, no opportunity. Yes, and for cleaning the cover dry cleaning is recommended. In NON-REMOVABLE cover is only one option call specialists at home, and a removable cover of the possibility of doubles. You can call the experts, as well as the house, and in the presence of 2 people in the house carefully remove the cover and referred to the dry cleaners, which saves you money.

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