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We choose a children's mattress.

   We choose a children's mattress.   Chosen children's mattress. For newborn and small children very important that the mattress would be natural and non-polluting. A problem of a children's body - formation of departments of a backbone. Till 10 years, the skeleton is in a stage of active growth. As a rule, to children select a rigid springless mattress from coconut койры. The rigid springless mattress supports a backbone in equal position what to provide correct formation of a bearing. Thanks to a rigid mattress at the child will correctly pass backbone formation. And as the coconut mattress is natural, non-polluting and passes air, i.e. "breathes". The thickness of children's springless mattresses 6 see the Standard children's size of a mattress 60*120 and 70*140.  The mattress for teenagers should beyou can order any non-standard size of a mattress to order.

     For the teenager it is possible to buy a rigid springless mattress from a coco or the combined springless mattress from a coco and latex. The height of a springless mattress for the teenager can be 13 - 16 see As the teenager will accept mattresses with эфектом winter/summer on spring the block at which will be present coconut

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