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Order a custom size mattress or mattress mold.

     Orthopedic mattresses custom shapes and razmerovMy often faced with the problem of non-standard size mattresses. One requires a custom mattress in an old antique bedroom 30-ies, another - generally irregular shape mattress needed ... Many manufacturers of mattresses refuse to make custom size mattresses, citing the fact that koveyere produced only standard size mattresses. Or, because of non-standard size of the waiting period for a mattress can increase up to 2 months, which is also unpleasant ... Manufacturers of mattresses easier and faster to produce standard size mattress (open conveyor), and custom sizes need to produce manually.

     Our shop is ready to fulfill the order mattress custom size in the shortest possible time (within reason) to 7 days. In addition, we can do for you orthopedic mattress mold (by drawing), including: round, orthopedic mattresses and mattresses irregularly shaped to order. To order a mattress custom size please contact our manager by phone: (044) 33-22-871

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