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Mattresses for children (children's mattresses Kiev)

  In this category you can buy children's mattresses, which are made from organic fillers for mattresses, such as coconut coir, flexible polyurethane foam sheeting. All children's mattresses - springless, height of child mattress 6 cm About the what and how to choose a mattress for a child read how to choose a mattress for a child.

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Children springless coconut mattress Sonko consist of natural materials: coconut fibers, cotton fabric cover with a zipper. Height of Child springless mattress 6 cm

760 grn.

Children's Mattress Malyatko consist of: coconut fiber impregnated with natural latex and polyurethane foam (PU). Case of Child springless mattress of cotton on the snake. Height of Child mattress Malyatko - 6cm.

580 grn.

Barney children's mattress - an inexpensive springless mattress with excellent qualities. At the heart of this mattress Is located vosmisantimetrovy monolithic block of springy foam (PUF).

430 grn.

Kinder children's mattress - this is one of the most upscale springless mattresses for children with moderate to high elasticity and orthopedic qualities. The main filler in this mattress is a layer of natural latex vosmisantimetrovy perforated for improved aeration.

2020 grn.
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