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Orthopedic Mattresses standard

Orthopedic Mattress Standard - the most affordable solutions (and costs) of spring orthopedic mattresses are made on the basis of the spring block Bonnel, using high-quality fillers and materials such as: PUF (polyurethane foam), termopressing felt, wool, wadding and cotton wool.

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     Mattress Econom - the most simple model of pillowtop mattresses. The main filler in the soft mattress polyurethane foam acts as Econom. Econom of the mattress cover stitched cotton cloth (calico), zipped (zip).

For more information on pricing and fillers in the mattress, you can see by clicking on the picture mattress.

1095 grn.

Eco Mattress - a spring sided pillowtop mattress spring unit Bonnel, as a soft filler uses a natural batting. Mattress cover stitched on the Eco of the padding polyester jacquard fabric, zipped pouch, removable.

1250 grn.

Classic Mattress is one of the most simple, reliable and affordable orthopedic spring mattresses. Practicality coupled with a good orthopedic effect and affordability make the mattress classic mattress among the most popular standard.

1145 grn.

Premier mattress - Basic mattress for two-way model Bonnel spring block the effect of winter-summer. basic fillings: polyurethane foam, cotton wool and fleece. Cover of the spring mattress jacquard fabric on the snake.

1535 grn.
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